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Repair Process

Trenchless Sewer Repair Solution

Jim & Sons Plumbing is dedicated to providing practical and affordable repair solutions for all our plumbing services - and we're excited to offer this service as part of our commitment to you.

Trenchless sewer pipe lining is an innovative, no-dig solution for repairing damaged sewer pipes. This eco-friendly method involves three key steps to ensure a successful repair and sewer pipe functionality: ​

  • 1. Camera inspection

  • 2. ​Pipeline cleaning

  • 3. Epoxy pipe lining

Sewer Pipe Damage Inspection

Before our technicians begin their work, we conduct a camera inspection of your sewer pipes. This allows us to assess the extent of the damage and determine the best course of action.


The inspection is conducted by inserting a camera into the sewer pipes through small access points, and typically takes about 30 minutes to complete. This gives our technicians plenty of time to carefully evaluate the condition of the pipes and diagnose any issues we may discover. In some cases, exposed sewer pipes can even suffer from structural damage due to exposure to UV rays.

Sewer Pipe Lining & Materials

Trenchless pipe lining can fix all of these issues because an entirely new sewer pipe liner is created within the existing sewer pipe without the need to dig or use water to soften the ground. This process is highly cost effective for property owners, and can save you time and money.

Some older sewer pipe materials are prone to corrosion and breakage due to their softer composition. Newer and stronger sewer pipe materials, like PVC, are more durable and can last longer. Trenchless pipe lining can fix all of these issues because an entirely new sewer pipe liner is created within the existing sewer pip

Sewer Pipe Damage Assessment

Epoxy sewer pipe lining can be used to repair a variety of sewer pipe materials, but in some cases, sewer pipes made of older materials may be too damaged for this method to be effective. In this scenario, we would recommend a sewer pipe replacement where needed.

Assessing the condition and quality of the sewer pipes on your property is important to ensure that our repair work is as effective as possible. If you're experiencing problems with the sewer pipes in your residential or commercial property, our team of expert plumbing technicians can help. We have the advanced equipment and expertise necessary to get your sewer pipes repaired and flowing properly again.

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At Jim and Sons Plumbing and Rooter, we understand that sewer pipe repair can be a hassle. That's why we're proud to offer trenchless sewer pipe lining services to our customers throughout the Inland Empire. This stste-of-the-art and  innovative repair method is fast, reliable, and affordable.

Our expert plumbing technicians are standing by to assist you with your trenchless sewer repair.


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